Honorary Council

The Honorary Council consists of many distinguished community leaders who have continuously advocated on behalf of DVS, and have committed an outstanding amount of time, money and energy. These members are consulted for their opinions and advice.

Barbara Ben-Horin Sheriff Bill Brown Les & Zora Charles
Carnzu Clark Sally Hamilton Barret Hilzer
Hannah-Beth Jackson Lauren & Stephen Katz Kum Su Kim
Steve & Cindy Lyons Stan Roden Jim Roehrig
Police Chief Cam Sanchez Maryann & Dick Schall Judy & Jack Stapelmann
Aaron Steed Betty J. Stephens Laurie Tilson

Our Leadership Team

Great causes are successful because of impassioned people who share beliefs and values. As a united team, the DVS Staff, Board members, Volunteers and Advocates will be a force to be reckoned with in our battle against Abuse.