The Alexandra Tang Volunteer Program

Individuals interested in the community

Why you should join

  • Help Families in Our Community Break the Cycle of Violence! After completion of the certified 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training, background check and drug test, volunteers will be qualified to provide direct service. Learn more.
  • Educate local teens about healthy relationships & early warning signs of abuse.
  • Provide child mentoring and assistance to mothers in our shelter programs.
  • Support agency efforts to raise community awareness with public events & campaigns.

Who can volunteer

Individuals interested in the community Individuals interested in the community

Therapists Therapists


Friends Friends

Medical personnel Medical personnel


Professionals in social services agencies Professionals in social services agencies

Volunteers Volunteers


Family Family

Law enforcement personnel Law enforcement personnel


Volunteer Opportunities

Assist our advocates Assist our advocates
Distribute program flyers and help with various outreach tasks in the community.

Teen services Teen services:
Assist with classroom presentations in local schools to raise Dating Violence Awareness (requires 40-hour DV Training).


Child mentoring Child mentoring
While clients attend support groups, appointments, job interviews, court appointments and help with homework. (requires 40-hour DV Training).

Tabling events Tabling events
Assist with local tabling events while promoting healthy relationships, referrals to resources and providing Domestic Violence Awareness. Some events are during weekends.


Office assistance Office assistance
Filing, answering the business line and helping on special projects.

Yard work and shelter maintenance Yard work
And general maintenance at the shelter such cleaning, painting and gardening.


Moving assistance Moving assistance for residents Looking for an apartment, moving personal items, setting up a new home.

Pet foster care Foster care for client's pets
While client is in shelter.


Service Groups and/or Community Organizations

playground cleanup, building fixup projects One Day Workday

This can be any number of activities including fixing up an apartment for move-in, playground cleanup and fixup, build a playhouse for shelter children (these projects can vary depending on the skill level and interests of the group)

holiday sponsor Holiday Party

Any holiday, you could be a 'sponsor' and provide food, decorations, kids games and prizes, etc.


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For more information, please contact:

Charles Anderson
(805) 963-4458
(805) 963-1169