DVERT Emergency Response

If you are in
immediate danger
CALL 911

Santa Barbara Shelter
24-Hour Crisis Line
(805) 964-5245

Lompoc Shelter
24-Hour Crisis Line
(805) 736-0965

Santa Maria Shelter
24-Hour Crisis Line
(805) 925-2160

Santa Ynez Valley
24-Hour Crisis Line
(805) 686-4390

As members of the Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team (DVERT), DVS staff respond with law enforcement to domestic violence 911 calls and offer support, advocacy, and access to safe shelter.

The program provides "Crisis Counseling" through our Client Advocates, or referral to another provider for ongoing counseling.

Get 24-Hour Confidential Shelter, Safety, Support, and Counseling

DVERT Observes 20th Anniversary in 2015