Transitional Housing Programs

After the Initial Stay

The Second Stage Program

Domestic Violence Solutions (DVS) operates a transitional housing program for women who have met their goals during their stay at the emergency shelter. Women and their children may stay up to eighteen months in one-bedroom apartments, while receiving group and individual counseling and other supportive services.

Second Stage is designed to allow survivors of domestic violence to make long-term positive changes for themselves and for their children.

The Mariposa House Program

The lack of safe and affordable housing is one of the primary reasons women stay in abusive relationships. For more than 25 years, Domestic Violence Solutions has provided emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. And for more than 10 years, DVS has helped victims turn their lives around through its "Second Stage" transitional housing program. More than 85 percent of Second Stage residents are successful at establishing their own independent households - the majority in just a year's time.

Until 2004, there was only one transitional housing program available (south Santa Barbara County). Due to lack of space, DVS had to turn away more than 100 women and children each year from our transitional housing program. Even when space was available, relocating to Santa Barbara was a hardship for women with jobs, family, and school commitments in North County.

With support from HUD, the City of Santa Maria, and a bequest, DVS purchased a nine-unit apartment complex, which nearly doubled our capacity to offer transitional housing to domestic violence survivors in our county. Now, domestic violence victims and their families can stay at Mariposa House, our new transitional housing facility in Santa Maria.